Why engage with us

Why engage with us

The Five Reasons for Engaging with Us

1 Strong Financial Orientation

Despite the objective of creating a greener future being at the heart of our endeavours, we strongly acknowledge that it has to be financially attractive to invest in clean energy.

Therefore, we apply our cross-value chain knowledge and expertise with the goal to maximise our clients’ return on investment, enabling the green transition to escalate in a timelier fashion. Several of our consultants have backgrounds in the financial construction of renewable energy projects. Their strong analytical skills facilitate value creation in all aspects ranging from the idea phase to divestment of large-scale renewable energy parks.

2 Independent

Lighthouse Energy is 100% independent and consequently not controlled by any other organisation in the industry, providing you with advice from a completely independent standpoint.

To elaborate, we do not engage in the certification of technology on solar plants, which removes the risk of interdependency; caused by an earlier engagement. We are among a rare group of advisors that can guarantee truly impartial advice and consequently hereof strong client relationships.

Our team consists of some of the brightest and most experienced consultants and advisors from energy-related industries with decades of hands-on experience in sectors ranging from technological development to legal advice and corporate finance. Our consultants ensure you the best possible end-to-end solution, while providing you with invaluable industry insights that ensure long-lasting value creation.

3 Global

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, we are advising our often long-term and international client relationships across the globe. Being centrally located on the world map, with constant traffic in and out of Dubai, enables our dedicated team of consultants to provide the best real-time service that enables high-quality results and constitute part of the foundation for the most important asset in any relationship; trust.

Each of our projects require a tailored combination of skills and expertise, which highlights the importance of attracting unique talent from all over the world. This enables us to provide clients with in-depth local knowledge and valuable professional networks.

4 Professional Attention to Detail

Our decades of experience in hands-on situations provide us with the hard-earned ability to provide more value by eliminating unexpected risks in your renewable energy projects.

Consequently, our consultants follow a holistic approach, applying cutting edge technology, including multi-dimensional analytical tools and AI in scenario projections to stipulate alternative risk sources that afterwards can be addressed.

However, our focused efforts do not stop there. Our team will incentivise subcontractors for the most economically and time efficient installation of your solar park, while implementing measures to avoid opportunistic behavior. Finally, our legal department will gladly take charge of negotiating and improving your project’s contractual terms and conditions to ensure a firm grip on the investment.

5 Your Trusted Advisor for The Entire Project Lifetime

As a 100% client-focused organisation, we believe it is our duty to stand by your side as your trusted, dedicated and committed advisor irrespective of your role as either owner, buyer or lender in a given renewable energy project.

In achieving this objective, it is our ultimate goal to facilitate a successful completion of a client’s project on time, budget and with the correct specifications. By ensuring these aspects, our clients will achieve reduced risk exposure and save time, which together correlate with higher profits across the project lifetime.

The vast majority of our clients choose to draw on the expertise of our consultants for the entire project lifetime due to our in-depth knowledge, experience and negotiation capabilities. We are here for you.