Enhancing Sustainable Projects

Orchestrating services that enable our clients to realize their projects is at the heart of what we do at Lighthouse Energy. As a trusted advisor, we guide our clients every step of the way and assist them in positioning the project to attract high-quality financing.

Successfully executing a solar power project can be a complex process; whether that be for a large conglomerate or a start-up enterprise. Our advisory services are therefore characterized by a high level of involvement of our seasoned management team in close collaboration with the client.

Since our founding, Lighthouse Energy has built strong ties to local and international equity investors and lenders alike. This, combined with our team’s extensive consulting experience and in-depth market insight, enables us to support developers in the implementation of projects and enhance first-class access to in-demand capital.

Project Feasibility

We offer an evaluation of the project’s expected return on investment (ROI) throughout its lifecycle, by employing detailed analyses. The findings of the assessment are used to guide our clients in optimizing project ROI through strategic capital choices.

Management Consulting

We will assess the profitability of the project and subsequently consult the management team on how to approach investors to secure the most optimal agreement. Our clients are ensured professional support at all stages of the negotiation process.

Project Finance

We provide a comprehensive service covering the strategic aspect of securing project financing. Specifically, our focus is on helping clients optimize the chances of success by drafting a clear strategic roadmap for how to carry out the project.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities that Drive Growth

Solar power projects can present intricate challenges for developers. At Lighthouse Energy, our goal is therefore, through useful analysis and hands-on advice, to navigate our clients around hurdles to maximize the energy output of their project.

In conducting renewable projects, it is fundamental to perform detailed energy yield assessments. Our project management services help developers understand and consider all aspects that can affect the estimation of their energy yield. By offering advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, our clients are guaranteed an unbiased, low uncertainty yield prediction.

As a way of bringing each renewable project to life, we also consult developers on how to structure a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This long-term electricity supply contract, which includes a project performance guarantee, reduces market price risks and secures complete funding for the endeavours of our clients.

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